There’s only one


It’s the one you make with yourself


Membership Options

Prospect Fitness requires no contracts,
no joining fees, and your first day is free.

Come try us out first and decide if
you’d like to join.

Here are our membership options:

• Monthly membership: $40
• 7 Days per month: $30
(use within a 30 period)
• Yearly membership: $300

You can end your membership at any time.
In fact, we don’t do recurring payments.
You’ll personally authorize us to charge
your card each month.

Our bottom line is your health and providing an active
gathering place for our DitmasPark and Flatbush

Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to stay
accountable to your goals and learn how to
maximize your workouts.

We can create a personalized plan to meet your needs:
• Increase energy
• Lose weight
• Improve your health
• Build strength
• Or a combination of the above

Come in and talk to us about your goals.


Prospect Fitness
1004 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218
(347) 413-6390

Monday -Friday: 6am -9:30pm
Saturday: 7am -8pm
Sunday: 8 am -8 pm