Smarter nutrition
is better.


Discover Your Diet Type 

Our approach to diet goes beyond holistic
— It’s personal. Every body is unique and
because of this, one plan does not fit all.

Mark Anthony is one of the creators of the
online diet therapy system called Diet Typing.
It reveals what type of burner you are, to
help control cravings and address your
health challenges.

With Diet Typing, we can help you determine
what foods will work best for your body
from the comfort of your home, in just 30 minutes.

This program is rooted in research to
provide smart, personalized nutritional
guidelines. We are excited to share it with
you now.


  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Mental clarity
  • Weight loss

How Diet Typing Works and
Additional Information

Once you take the questionnaire you will
learn the essential details of your body and
how it utilizes food for your energy needs.

Are you a sugar, fat, or mixed burner?

  • You’ll be asked a series of questions to
    identify which foods are best for your energy
    needs, leaving you feeling restored and

What endocrine type are you? 

•  Your endocrine type effects weight
     distribution and cravings.

What are your health challenges?

•  You’ll be asked a series of questions to help identify
the foods that work best with your body.

Details and results

  • You will need an email address so you can
    track your results and create an account
    store your results.

Once completed, you will receive:

  • Your personalized report.
  • Color-coded food list to easily know what foods to eat.
  • Supporting documents with cooking
    and food guidelines, a food log, and more.

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