Your friendly

neighborhood gym

is here


The gym

Prospect Fitness is about helping you feel better,
in a comfortable 
environment, with zero pretenses.

We want to add a sense of belonging
to this great neighborhood we call home.
We provide what you need to achieve your
goals: cardio equipment, weights, and
a fantastic price. But, at it’s core, it’s much more.

We approach fitness holistically and that means
answering your questions about nutrition, providing
daily routines to get you in and out in as little as 30
minutes with a full body workout, or having a chat over
coffee before tackling those weights. It’s about encouraging
you to show up, and knowing your name when you do.

We look forward to meeting you.

The space

The space is smaller than most gyms,
but we pack a mighty punch.
There is always plenty of room for everyone.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Upper level

  • 4 Treadmills
  • 2 Elliptical machines
  • 2 Spin bikes § 1 Recumbent bike
  • Upper and lower body weight machines
  • Lots of free weights
  • Sandbags: one of the few gyms in the where these are offered. Find out how to use them and your workouts will never be the same!

Lower level
Full weight room

Stretch under the sun after your workout, rehydrate on our Adirondack chairs, or catch up with a fellow member. This space is for our members to enjoy.


Prospect Fitness
1004 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218
(347) 413-6390

Monday -Friday: 6am -9:30pm
Saturday: 7am -8pm
Sunday: 8 am -8 pm